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Dj Chase is currently working on his New podcast show “The New Influencer” Streaming on youtube. The Podcast “The New Influencer” will stream on Coffee Goat Radio + Underworld Music Radio + Fire Flows Radio Live podcasts and Radio Stations.


The Independent Fire Exclusive Radio Stations are transitioning to a free service for listeners & will promote exclusive podcasts & Music from the Independent Fire market.

Dj Chase exclusive Interview with Independent Podcast News is Here.

DJ Chase Exclusive Interview

What inspired you to become a Dj?

Honestly my father inspired me to be a DJ, to be honest with you. I wanted to be a air force pilot and a stock broker. But my dad always pushed me into learning a trade and picking up music. My father comes from the Bronx, is the Bronx and I really didnt have much of a choice. My mom allowed me to blast my music when I was a kid and was my biggest fan. So to sum it all up my parents where my inspiration. And when I got married not to let down my wife.

What inspired you to get into making a podcast?

Crazy thing is I’ve always done it, I just rebranded it. I was really shy and didn’t like my voice at first. My radio background is really extensive. I started out in College WNYO SUNY Oswego then graduated to Sirius XM, but I was more on the boards as a board-op and producer and mainly a dj of course. But honestly I just realized people get tired of hearing so much music all day, So I know alot of artists and some cool people, and this corona quarantine has people listening to digital content. So it was only right.

What is your motivation to keep striving?

What motivates me to keep striving is to never live with regret and live in vain as to where I can’t look back and say I didn’t try. I been doing music for so long and made so many sacrifices, there is no going back. As a Black Man in America there are not many owners of companies and fortune 500 Companies. I want to be up there with the great business men and leave a legacy for my family.

What is your key to success?

The key to my success is reading to be honest. Education in general. But First and Foremost God. I’ve dealt with so many set backs that honestly only God could have helped me in those situations. And Knowing that God is there protecting me, I am able to keep going. I’ve been laughed at, called corny, called wack, but I just look up and weight my work like as if God was listening and watching thats all I need. and Also write your goals down.

How important is it to follow your dreams?

It’s very important to follow your dreams. Mainly for 2 reasons. The first reason is so you don’t look back and say what would happen if i took a chance. The second reason is you never know where following your dreams can lead you. A lot of times i never thought I would be where I’m at. I dreamed of being a rich stock broker, but now I dj for stock brokers and they pay me, and I own stock. So you just never know until you try.

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