Friday Fire


Welcome to Underworld Music Radio, the number 1 place for artist, that combine Quality with Substance, or just Quality with Drug substances, either way the music is pure & we support YOU, when you need it.

The Effen Vodka bottles are a real symbol of Quality at its highest level & the artists are those who live with a standard of quality.


Lets get into whats going on in the Underworld Music with our Brand News section. 

Das Muhammad is working on his New Project “Formula” which will be promoted & delivered way different then any other project him or any other artist has done

Dusty Renoylds has just released a New solo project

Tray Pizzy last month celebrated the 1 year anniversary 2 months ago on Dec. 1,2015, for Tray Pizzy’s 4th solo project “50 First Dates”


“Party Like…”


StonedCold Santos talks about the Ins project.

Graphik on how he discovered Zin-zeta

Mugsy” Stonedcold Santos ft Dusty Renoylds





Brand New



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